Call Center

Call centers concerns with handling the phone calls and the customers under one roof by an organization. In call center, there are large number of employees working at a same time,

so the call received by one can be transferred to the other eligible candidate so that to resolve the issue if first one is not able to detect the exact issue and rectify it. From any of the call center there are two types of calling process namely – inbound calls and outbound calls. The calls received are called inbound and calls made called outbound calls. The calling process whether it is inbound or outbound, is totally meant to solve the clients issue and to notify them about anything.

Anyone looking forward to join call center must carry a 10+2 certificate and a good communicational skills, knowledge of computer. It is not necessary that one can have experience in the same industry, company’s generally higher fresh candidates so as to train them in their working culture of the call center. So it is not a big issue of being fresher to this industry. These points are necessary enough to be considering as eligibility criteria for call centers.

The companies carrying out their businesses in other countries face the problem of time zone in case of contacting their client situated at other countries. To rectify such kind of problems the companies or organization found the way of situating call centers of their own company or hiring some call center situated locally on contract basis to deal the call on behalf of them. This enhances a customer relation with the company on regular basis and will be benefited in future. Thus scope of call center industry will keep on increasing with a never ending attitude.

Courses and training method in call center provided to the fresher’s allows them to adopt the working culture of the particular call center. It includes; interview skills, cross culture etiquettes, computers, customer dealing, personality development and English speaking. Call center provides training regarding the ascent used while dealing with other countries client through audio and visual training sessions. After completing the training sessions of maximum two months of duration can further start its career as customer care executive (CCE).

Remuneration in the call center industry at the initial stage would be expected around 7000 rupees per month during the training period. In call center industry the training session provided by the call center is paid till the time it is over. Once the training is over the candidate becomes the employee of the company and starts working on payroll of the company. One can expect up to 12000 rupees per month at the starting of its job period as remuneration.

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