Colleges in Indore

Higher Education Scenario in Indore

Education is one of the most important criteria for social and economical growth of every person and that’s why the city Indore gives immense importance to education so that in turn the city becomes enriched with educated and cultured people. Higher education though not a mandatory aspect for every student but it gives a basis of grooming up an individual and increase capability of building a shining career and prospective future.

This is the reason why for the last few years having higher education and degree from any eminent college and university is the primary concern for every student. The city contains many big industries in automobiles, IT etc. In case of educational institutes there are many eminent colleges which are famous in the whole country. This includes both private and government colleges in multiple fields of study. It may be noted that it is the only city which has both Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management, which are the most prestigious institutes of India. The literacy rate of Indore at present is 82.32 percent.

Courses Offered in Indore

There are various courses available in Pune and one can study in any level like post graduation, graduate courses or one may also so diploma programs. One can study general courses which includes science , arts and commerce stream whereas if there is an aspiration for professional study then one can study in management, engineering, medical, pharmacy, accounts, architecture, agriculture, law, aviation, software, hardware, mass communication, fashion designing, armed services as well as teaching.

Admission in Indore

Admission in Indore is done through several national and state level entrance examinations and few conducted by the University of Indore.

Affiliations in Indore

Established in the year 1964, University of Indore is the primary university to give affiliations to most of the colleges in Indore.

Top Colleges in Indore

 It may be noted that Indore is a place with many reputed colleges which has attained name and fame in India and some in global education system too. For management study, one can find good education in Arihant Institute of Management studies, Imperial College of Professional studies and others. For engineering few popular colleges are Acropolis Institute of Technology and Science, Central India Institute of Technology, BM College of Technology and others. For law one can seek admission in MB Khalsa Law College and Government Law College etc. For medical there is Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and others. Studying in Indore has a lot of options but it all depends on the student to take the correct opportunity.

Colleges in Indore

  • Govt. College of Dentistry, Indore
  • College of Dental Sciences & Hospital, Indore
  • Sri Aurboindo Institute of Medical Sciences, Indore
  • Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering (SVCE), Indore
  • Truba College of Engineering and Technology, Indore
  • Rishiraj Institute of Technology, Indore
  • Manrals Institute of Technology and Science, Indore
  • Delhi Public School, Indore
  • Queens College, Indore
  • Shri Vaishnav Academy, Indore
  • Laxmi Narayan College of Technology, Indore
  • Patel College of Science & Technology, Indore
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