Colleges in Lucknow

Higher Education Scenario in Lucknow

Lucknow is one of the most beautiful places with flawless beauty and unparallel opportunities for a bright and prospective career. The educational system of the city is extremely good including the curriculum structure, quality of education, infrastructural facilities and excellent faculties. It is one such city in Uttar Pradesh which has huge number of colleges in a variety field of studies.

It is the platform which gives every learner a basis over which they can groom their interests and make a perfect career out of this. The colleges of the city can be divided into government colleges and private institutions. A huge number of students attend these colleges every year and each of them come from not only Lucknow city or the state Uttar Pradesh but from various parts of the country. The Government is so active to groom up the city with more educated and cultured people that more importance have been given to education in the last few years which is again evident from the increasing literacy rate of the city. The literacy level of Lucknow is known to be 79.33 percent in compared to its state Uttar Pradesh which stands at 56.3 percent.  The same scenario is visible in case of female and male literacy too.

Courses Offered in Lucknow

 There are various courses offered in Lucknow for every interested candidate. There are post graduate, graduate and diploma courses available in the city. Out of the multiple subjects, the most popular choice of subjects for the students are architecture, engineering, management, medical, dental, law, teaching, mass communication , journalism and media studies. Apart from these one can also study nursing, hotel management as a choice for professional courses. But it is not always necessary to do professional courses and one can do general courses also in science, arts and commerce stream.

Admission in Lucknow

 Admission in Lucknow is done through state level and national level entrance examinations. However few private institutions have their own merit tests.

Affiliations in Lucknow

Affiliations in Lucknow are done through a number of Universities. To name a few of this Universities like

  • University of Lucknow
  • Amity University....
  • Gautam Budhh Technical University
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Central University
  • Babu Banarasi Das University
  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University
  • Integral University

Top Colleges in Lucknow

There are few of the country best colleges present in the city. To name a few , one can find IIM Lucknow, the very best in Management courses, Engineering University, special institutes like Central Drug Research Institute Central Food Technological Research Institute, , Industrial Technology Research Centre,  National Botanical Research Institute, , Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences , Glass Research Institute and King George Medical College. It may be noted that the city has more than 60 degree colleges 22 post graduate colleges.

Colleges in Lucknow

  • University of Lucknow, Lucknow
  • Amity University, Lucknow
  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University, Lucknow
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Central University, Lucknow
  • Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow
  • Dr. Shakuntala Misra Rehabilitation University, Lucknow
  • Kanshi Ram Arabic & Persian University, Lucknow
  • Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow
  • Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow
  • Institute of Environment and Managemenet, Lucknow
  • Motilal Rastogi Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Department of Business Administration, University of Lucknow
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