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Distance education is that form of education, where imparting knowledge is not restricted within the bindings of four walls.

It is a convenient method of studying where a teacher can teach many students at different parts of the globe at the same time sitting at one place. This is named as correspondence study or distance education. It is the most popular platform of study where students who fail to travel huge distance to study their preferred subject can study the same within the comfortable confines of his home. For this study the main methodology used are audio, visual platforms and study materials.

The mode of distance education is a blessing to many people at large for different reasons. For those who have started doing their job but feels it’s competent to get them more professionally qualified can get themselves upgraded with the help of distance education. For all those who fail to travel long distance or to other countries to enroll in foreign university can avail the distance learning platform to have a foreign degree in favored subject. It is because of this various benefits that distance learning is getting popularity through each passing day attracting immense number of students both in India and abroad.

The benefits of Distance education are many which is why students enroll in large cadre in this platform. It saves the time and energy of travelling to the college destination and one can comfortably study at home. The budding course fees in various courses are a restraint for many students since they fail to afford the same. But in case of distance education the course fees are quite less and affordable which makes it preferred by students. It offers flexibility of studying time to students and it is convenient. The course eligibility is also much relaxed for which more and more students get the chance to study their subject in various colleges.

Few of the popular distance education colleges present in India are

• Mumbai University
• Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala
• Punjabi University, Patiala
• Kurukshetra University
• TamilNadu Open University
• Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata
• Sikkim Manipal University
• University of Delhi
• Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

Various foreign universities also provide the opportunity for distance learning in various courses. It is very important to be aware of the courses offered by various distance learning universities and their eligibility criteria. The website provides a detail account on various eligibility criteria of courses offered and their enrolment procedure. It is the most popular platform of study and much accepted by the job market where the distance education degrees can be utilised for a better future.

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