Top MBA colleges in US

Mba or Master in Business Administration has turned out to be a major course of study in gaining professional excellence, management skills and serves as a pathway towards a successful career.

It is one of the most sought after stream of study which truly meets up with the demand of groomed and knowledgeable professionals for the rising corporate. In this regard many students from different parts of the country study hard to fetch an admission in one of the top ranked MBA colleges. There are much reputed colleges in several parts of the globe and few are also present in United States of America. Since studying in motherland is always good there are also options for studying abroad. Among various places across the globe, United States have few excellent MBA colleges which give admission to foreign students. These colleges are few of the top MBA colleges in US and it pays back to study in such esteemed institutions.

Though it is of immense reputation to study in the colleges of United States but there are several parameters which need to be followed for studying in these colleges. There are admission criteria, marks eligibility, sufficient papers towards identity and genuinity support of the student and many others. One needs to get a complete knowledge on these parameters before taking a decision of studying in top MBA colleges in US.

There are various names of authentic and traditional institute of excellence like Harvard Business School, Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University Graduate School of Business and many others. The background of the prominent colleges is very important to take a correct decision regarding the college. Paying a notable lump sum amount of money for education is only worthy when the returns are good and from a top MBA college. With such extreme luminaries like George W Bush, Meg Whitman, Ratan Tata, Harvard Business School can be considered as one of the finest colleges in the country. One of the oldest business schools established in 1881 is the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It has B.S and M.B.A programs much recognized by the corporate world. One of the toughest colleges to study is the Columbia Business School, located in Manhattan, New York. It is one tough nut to crack with an acceptance percentage of only 15%. There are always other notable schools like HAAS School of Management, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and many others. In the colleges there is also option for weekend MBA or evening MBA program for those students who work and study together for their living.

However one should collect much information from online portals before finalizing the college.

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