AIMS Test for Management: ATMA Entrance Examination

Association of Indian Management Schools conducts an admission test for the students who are interested in Management education and other post graduate programs like MCA.

This examination is named as ATMA and it is acknowledged by several institutes around India. It is a much reputed examination as the same is been acknowledged by MHRD or Ministry of Human Resource development and the Government of India for admission to the post graduate courses.

The eligibility of the candidates who can appear for the examination is kept quite simple. All candidates who have a bachelor’s degree can sit for the ATMA entrance examination. But the same is not restricted to only those who have the degree, as even those who are in their final year of study can apply for this examination on condition that they will show the necessary documents as instructed by the examination board members. However there may be candidate who wishes to appear for ISM, PSMS and MBM Kolkata. These candidates must carefully go through the admission brochure and fill up necessary details in the eligibility status. The examination date of ATMA usually falls on the mid of February every year. For the current year it was on February 14th.

To sit for the examination one must be very cautious about submitting the application form in proper format and within the designated time frame. The online application kit usually remains available by the month of November. It remains available in the Axis bank branches, Career forum, Cerebral Heights, Career launcher, PT-Education centers and IMS Learning centers. Other than online medium, the application form can also be gathered by sending request letter to Aims Hyderabad for the application. Again the same should also have enclosed the demand draft of the required amount along with application to the Hyderabad office of AIMS. After getting the application the interested students are required to log on to the AIMS website There the application for the test needs to be completed. There are detail instruction on the website with which the students can get knowledge about how to proceed and what to do next. It should be noted however that application kit is only available from AIMS Hyderabad office.

The application is accepted by the management only up to the designated time which is the 4th week of January of any year. Online application should be done within the said date. Again it may be noted that the final results usually gets declared in the first week of March every year.

ATMA organized by AIMS is a prestigious examination where successful students are rewarded with chance to study in reputed college’s f the country.

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