Colleges in Manipur

Higher Education Scenario in Manipur

In the northeastern part of India lies the beautiful state of Manipur which is known to promote higher education at a superior level. The government encourages higher education and thus helped in establishing good colleges. For years now there is a constant motivation for higher education which can be seen in the growth of number of Institutes and increased enrolment rate. There are almost 68 colleges for higher education of which seven are exclusively for women. The figure mentioned includes both the private colleges as well as the government colleges.

Of the 68 mentioned, around 28 colleges are of Government where there is medical college, Law College and colleges for teaching education. Rest of the colleges are either government funded college or private colleges. But considering the interested students and scope of education, the number of faculties present in this area is quite less leaving possibility of increasing the count of qualified professionals and job opportunity in the area. This in turn is a major employment deficiency persisting in the state.

Courses Offered in Manipur

Courses offered in the state of Manipur are quite versatile. The professional courses are approved by AICTE or All India Council for Technical Education . There are engineering courses offering B Tech or B E degrees in Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and many other choice of study. There are computer courses like DOEACC ‘O’ level or MCA study available for aspiring students. One can also study medical courses, polytechnic courses or law offering LLB degrees for the students. Apart from this there is also opportunity to study management or MBA from reputed college in Manipur having much added value in the corporate world.

Admission in Manipur

Admission in Manipur happens through university entrance examinations or national level examination results.

Affiliations in Manipur

The colleges in Manipur are affiliated to Manipur University, the university in the state which started operation in the year 1980.

Top Colleges in Manipur

Though the number of colleges in the state of Manipur is limited but it may be noted that all are quite reputed colleges in each discipline. The Government College of Technology, Imphal  is the engineering college of the state. There is a medical college as well in the area. Apart from this there are Law colleges like LMS Law College, Royal Academy of Law and many others providing LLB degrees to the students. Government Polytechnic College guides interested students to the polytechnic field of study. For general courses one can refer to Bethani Christian College, C I College and others.  

Colleges in Manipur

  • Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Lamphelpat
  • Central Agricultural University
  • Manipur University
  • Manipur Institute of Technology
  • Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology
  • Government College of Technology
  • Manipur Agriculture College
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