Study in Canada

Canada is a preferred choice for millions of students across the globe for higher education in multiple streams of study.

. It has unparallel reputation in the world offering quality education in multicultural safe environment with splendid opportunities for future.

Canadian colleges have huge popularity among the students of the world simply because of its excellent course curriculum, standard of education, at par with other colleges and a matter of reputation in the employment field. The best part of studying in a Canadian college is the low cost or tuition fees which make it affordable for many interested students giving value to study. Even the degrees awarded are of immense reputation as it provides a good base for future success in life. The colleges are experts in providing theoretical knowledge punched with practical examples, making the students confident in their work.

Though studying in Canada is the best option for higher studies but for that one needs to follow some rules and regulations to take complete benefit of Canada education system. The very first mandatory requirement for studying in Canada is having student visa or Canada study visa. The visa can be applied by simply filling up a form and submitting the same with requisite papers to the High Commission of applicant’s home country. Without study visa, studying in Canada is not possible for students enrolling in courses which have tenure of more than six months. This is more because for short term courses, Canada does not require visa from students of foreign origin. But if the course stretches for more than 6 months, the applicant needs to go back to home country and apply for visa to come again.

However it may be noted that Canada study visa is not work visa so working with the same is not possible. However with student visa one can work for the pocket money under the guidance of teachers who find jobs according to their interest and merit. But this is usually on campus jobs given to the student.

To get the Canada study visa or Canada student visa the basic rules are same. The first requirement is to have an acceptance letter from the educational institute where the enrolment needs to be done. Secondly one must be in good financial condition to pay fees of the college as well as for his stay in foreign country. Complete health check up and commitment of returning back after course is also required. A temporary resident visa is also required for staying in the country.

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