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Education in USA holds a special place among the people of the globe. They are prestigious institutes among all the competitors. The USA universities, schools and colleges are known to rank and maintain high position among the various worlds ranked educational institutions. It is an honor to study at the US top educational centers.

West Point, Berkley school of Music, Stanford, and Harvard Universities are well known names in the educational field. They are popular in the whole world and much famous for attracting good international students for their classes. These universities offer a range of courses and educational option which are alluring, informative providing a comprehensive study. The students who opt for courses in these institutions have a wider range of study options. They can choose their preferred subject based on few qualifications. It is said that education in USA is the most preferred one for the international students thus attracting more than 6, 00,000 students as per the present scenario in the country. While a statistics has been done on the percentage of international students in USA and it shows some impressive figures. To discuss in brief around 4% of the total population of undergraduate students and college education in USA belongs to international background whereas the figure goes to 10% in case of graduate schools.

The reason behind such huge number of students pouring in the country from all over the globe is the inherent faith over the education in USA which provides the best groundwork for their career ahead. Most of them have to sacrifice their stay at home, their relatives and friends to opt for this golden opportunity. The options to study in this particular country are many but one must also apply for student visa or USA study visa so as to avail the option.

The USA visa specially designed for the students usually have many advantages linked to it. One must be fully aware of the facilities so as to get the best benefit. As per the latest policy for short courses whose duration of study is less than six months doesnot require a study visa but owing one has good benefits. If a person has a student visa even for a short course, he can extend that visa and stay for a longer period for further studies. A study permit is an important factor in this case as without that the person cannot continue his studies in the country and neds to return back to his own country and again apply for a student visa with proper requisites. This is not a work permit however the student can work in university campus.

For student visa there are few requirements like acceptance letter from institution and medical clearance report. The student also needs to prove his source of fund to pay college fees and proof intention to come back after completion of studies. A temporary resident visa is also required for getting student visa. More information on the same can be gathered from required offices.

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